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Global Wakening

Global Wakening is a team of global servants empowered by the Holy Spirit to do what Jesus did and teach others to do the same. Our mission is to inspire and equip a new generation with a supernatural Christian worldview that will help ignite a Global Wakening of God’s church. We will accomplish this through the mass distribution of books and e-books, through teaching in Christian conferences, churches, and Bible colleges and by partnering with other like-minded individuals, churches, ministries, and missions. Our vision is to win our global culture to Christ the same way the early church did—through faith and fearlessness in the face of persecution, loving acts of kindness, and the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. All it takes is the fresh, prayerful, united effort of ordinary Christians stirring up the gifts of God that are in them.

Today, Christ’s enemies are amassed against the church in far greater numbers and power than ever. History has come full circle as the 21st-century global church finds itself thrust into the very climate in which the events, triumphs, and opportunities of the New Testament occurred. Today’s global church finds itself once again a subculture within a greater geopolitical, hostile, and pagan world. The church is confronted on every side with violence, hostility, ignorance, widespread immorality, and spiritual despair. Christians are being persecuted in far greater numbers than at any other time in history—not only in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East but now also in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, humanism, secularism, liberalism, and postmodernism have fully matured while the church continues to sleep. The church can no longer afford to ignore the world around it and expect to remain unaffected by it. Without salt there is no preservative. Without light there is only darkness.


Times of persecution are not times to become fearful, ashamed, or to run and hide. On the contrary, it's a time to shine brightly for all to see. Christ can only shine through us when we wake up, rise from the dead, have no fellowship with darkness, and become filled with the Holy Spirit. When Jesus received the news of John’s beheading, he wanted to withdraw from the crowds. But instead he had compassion on them, preached, healed the sick, fed five thousand with five loaves and two fishes and walked on waterall in one day! That’s how Jesus fought persecution.

Today's enemies of Christ are bent on keeping the church divided because they know: united we stand, divided we fall. In the early church and in virtually every outpouring or awakening since, the church operated as one. The early church also lacked one central leader as did many of the moves of God since. Today God still uses ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary. 

We must have a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit. But as we pray and wait on God, is it possible God is waiting on us to wake up and stir up the gifts that are in us? If so, consider this your wake up call! 

We invite you to help us inspire and equip a new generation with a supernatural Christian worldview that will help ignite a Global Wakening of God’s church.


Many pastors, church leaders, teachers, students, missionaries, workers, adults and youth around the world are in desperate need of teaching resources on the Holy Spirit's work. Many leaders are continually crying out for teaching that will position their students and congregations to engage their culture and their world with the power, love, and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

​By purchasing our books, you are helping distribute books to Christian schools,

churches, and ministries around the globe. 

Imagine them experiencing Pentecostal signs, wonders, and miracles in their own

lives as they study the life of Jesus and the lives of the saints. Imagine them feeling

God’s power and presence as they witness spiritual gifts operating through them. 


If you believe in what we are doing, please help us spread this vital message of

The Holy Spirit's Enduring Work in the Church.




Jeff and Faith

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